European Union Sends Green Light Signal For National Palm Oil Products

JAKARTA - Earlier this year, the European Union regional organization gave a positive response to the delay in exports of Indonesian palm oil products, particularly palm oil (CPO). Through the Ambassador of the European Union to Indonesia Vincent Piket, the alliance of the countries of the blue continent will expressly open the faucet of CPO imports in the near future.

"We will continue to discuss this to achieve a win-win solution," he said in a webinar.

Vincent added that his party has formed a kind of working group that is specifically looking for solutions to tackle sustainability issues that have been the stumbling blocks for Indonesian palm oil products.

"We hope that by the end of this month all problems can be resolved," he said.

In Vincent's notes, in the last almost one year, the export of national palm oil products has continued to increase by a percentage of 27 percent from the previous one.

To note, the problem of oil palm in Europe is a classic problem that continues to drag on. The European Union views that Indonesia has not fulfilled a number of production requirements related to environmental issues. Two world palm oil producers, namely Indonesia and Malaysia, were both hampered by this problem and filed a lawsuit against the European Union through the world trade organization WTO.

In December 2019, Indonesia first filed a lawsuit against the WTO on the grounds that it was limiting palm-based biofuels. At that time, this country raised about 108 material lawsuit questions regarding the CPO restriction policy.

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